Basic LawEdit

Crime Degree Punishment
Practice of Forbidden Magic 1 Execution
Practice of Forbidden Magic 2 Indefinite Detention
Practice of Forbidden Magic 3 500 Gold Fine + Probation
Vault Act: Grand Theft 1 Indefinite Detention/Revocation of Trust
Vault Act: Grand Theft 2 1000 gold fine OR 3-year Detention
Vault Act: Grand Theft 3 20 gold fine/temporary revocation of priviledges (not to exceed 5 years)
Artifact Mishandling 1 Execution OR Permanent Detention
Artifact Mishandling 2 1000 Gold Fine + Permanent Loss of Priviledges
Artifact Mishandling 3 500 Gold Fine + 1 Week's Detention
Negligence of the Vault 1 Execution OR Indefinite Detention
Negligence of the Vault 2 2000 Gold Fine + 24-hour Detention
Assault with Offensive Magics/Disorderly Use


Life-altering injuries.

20 Year Detention
Assault with Offensive Magics/Disorderly Use


Recoverable injuries.

1000 Gold Fine + 1 Week's Detention AND/OR Time Without Magic.
Assault with Offensive Magics/Disorderly Use 3 50 Gold Fine + 12 Hour Detention
Magical Hindrance 1 Indefinite Detention
Magical Hindrance 2 1-week's Detention + 1000 Gold Fine + Probation
Magical Hindrance 3 24-hour Detention + 100 Gold Fine
Alchemical Abuse 1 20 years Detention + Loss of License
Alchemical Abuse 2 Overnight in the Hold + Loss of License + 1000 Gold Fine
Cont. Cont. Cont.
Alchemical Abuse 3 Temporary Loss of License + 500 Gold Fine
Temporal Recklessness 0 250 Gold Fine
Conjuratory Negligence 1

400 Gold Fine + 2-Week Probation

(Exact amount of fine/probation time is flexible to the severity of the offense.)

Conjuratory Negligence 2 250 Gold Fine
Conspiracy to Treason 1 20,000 Gold Fine + Indefinite Probation + 3 days Detention

Foreign Policy/LawEdit

Outside PartiesEdit

If an outside party is found guilty of these crimes within Dalaran or its holdings, said parties will be subject to temporary detention and/or expulsion from the city depending on the severity of the offense. If arrested, the offending party will be handed over to the proper authorities in their own jurisdictions. Said authorities will be requested to charge the appropriate fine to be paid to the Ministry of Justice.


If an individual is arrested that is proven to be a member of any cult deemed dangerous by the Grand Alliance, he is to be held. Cultists are subject to questioning and interrogation with extreme prejudice. 

Individuals classified as Cultists may be tried for the following:

  • Practice of Forbidden Magic - 1st or 2nd Degree
  • Grand Theft - 1st Degree
  • Assault with Offensive Magics - 1st or 2nd Degree
  • Alchemical Abuse - 1st Degree
  • Fraternization with Enemies of the World - Cultist Only Charge - Permanent Detention OR Execution

A Cultist is considered any member of the following organizations:

  • Twilight's Hammer Cult
  • Cult of the Damned
  • Sheep Cult
  • Murloc Cult
  • Cult of Azshara
  • Cult of Forgotten Shadow
  • Shadow Council
  • Scarlet Crusade

Members in Foreign TerritoriesEdit

A member of the Magus Senate of Dalaran located outside the territories of Dalaran will remain subject to the Laws of Dalaran if offenses are proven to the Ministry of Justice. If a member of the Magus Senate of Dalaran is arrested and charged of crimes in the jurisdiction of other territories within the Grand Alliance, a representative from the Ministry of Justice is to meet with the proper authorities to request the offending party be released into the care of the Ministry of Justice to ensure the appropriate sentence(s) are carried out, to be determined by either the Ministry of Justice or the proper authorities along with the Ministry of Justice.

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