The Ministry of war is charged with dealing with threats from without. The ministry of war handles situations which require direct senate action outside of the city of Dalaran. While the senate body as a whole acts in defense of the city, it is the specific duty of the Ministry of War to defend the senate while in battle and provide protection and security for expeditions as well as assist the ministry of the interior with dealing with The Violet Hold.

People Under This JurisdictionEdit

  • Meriahm Lausten - Minister of War (Emeritus)
  • Vanidicus Alexander - Mage-Commander, Minister of War (Current)
  • Zodian Spellseal - Battlemage
  • Jaine Frostheart - Battlemage
  • Kalecthos Delnathor - Battlemage
  • Nathul Furlbrow - Battlemage
  • Nael'dor Stromweaver - Battlemage
  • Aithnea Escol - (Battlemage)
  • Farel Arc - (Battlemage) (In training)

Jobs and Sub-SectionsEdit


The Minister is in charge of the administration and general up-keep of the Ministry. As Minister of War, it is the duty to handle logistics, operational schedules, and deployment plans. The minister of war is also charged with handling the city's defense and is responsible for handling matters as such. The minister of war has the power to create roles within the ministry of war and to appoint leaders to matters which affect the defense of the city and operational matters.


The Mage-Commander is the leader of the Ministry of War in the field and typically one of the leaders of other magi in combat operations. The Mage-Commander directly oversees and leads the battlemagi and magi combat personnel. The Mage-Commander may also act as an ambassador or representative of Dalaran to Alliance military councils, along with the appointed Military ambassador and the Minister of War.


Battlemagi are martial minded magi that act as field agents under a operational leader. These magi act as a vanguard force, often deploying ahead of Magus Senate forces on expeditions and field operations.

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