People Under This JurisdictionEdit

Gehlnarine Liridian - Minister of Justice

Andeven Icestrider - Deputy Minister, Chief Enforcer and Head of Investigation

Scarlen Neldei'Paro - Investigator 

Liendras Merovechi - Rookiee Investigator

Dalaran Investigation Unit (DIU)Edit

The Dalaran Investigation Unit is a branch of the Ministry of Justice that oversees official investigations regarding Dalaranian Law and Order. The DIU has the authority to investigate any and all cases of both Magical and non-Magical law within the city of Dalaran or its holdings, including Nethergarde and the Dalaran Crater.

Head of Investigation: Andeven Icestrider

Dalaran EnforcersEdit

The Dalaran Enforcers operate as the police force in the city. They are trained in magical and physical combat and have the authority to arrest. They may also accompany agents of the DIU on potentially dangerous investigations.

Chief Enforcer: Andeven Icestrider (Temporary)

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