Foremost amongst Dalaran's edicts are The Forbidden Magics declared taboo or outlawed in Dalaran, and extend as an overarching proclaimation in alliance controlled territory. The Forbidden Magics Act outlines the various types of magic the Kirin Tor outlaws.

Necromancy One is guilty of Necromancy if one uses necromantic magics. Necromantic magics is the use of magic to manipulate the dead in any way. The study of undead is not outlawed so far as the research be used to create defenses against them.

Blood Magic One is guilty of using Blood Magic if one uses blood as the primary reagent in any spell. It is possible to get dispensation to use Blood Magic should a panel of Kirin Tor Archmagi approve. The use of blood in alchemy is not outlawed under the Blood Magic provision of this act. 

Chronomancy One is guilty of Chronomancy if one uses magic to manipulate time. The act of using magic to go forwards or backwards through time is outlawed. The use of Divination Magic to look into the past or future is not outlawed. 

Nethermancy One is guilty of Nethermancy if one has wielded the raw magics of the twisting Nether at great threat to azeroth. Due to it's extremely dangerous nature, the use of Nether magic is outlawed in Dalaran.

Fel-Magic One is guilty of casting Fel-Magic if one uses magic to communicate, summon, manipulate, transport, or conspire with a demon(s). The use of Fel-Magic to sate ones arcane addiction is outlawed.

Life Extending Admendment One would be in violation of the Life Extending Admendment if one is found to be using any of the previously listed magics to extend their life or the life of another past their natural existence.==

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