===The Familiar Act defines a familiar as a semi-sentient creature summoned or conjured with the intent to aid the summoner. The act also states that the actions of a familiar are considered the actions of the summoner unless proven otherwise.

Appearance Ordinance One is in violation of the Appearance Ordinance if one's familiar has: I. Taken a form larger than six feet tall or six feet wide or

II. Taken the image of something obscene or distastful or

III. Taken the image of a fully sentient being.

Identification Ordinance One is in violation of the Identification Ordinance if one's familiar: I. Does not bear the seal or symbol of it's summoner or

II. Bears a false seal or symbol.

Mount Admendment The mount admendment defines a mount as a creature used to assist in movement. The admendment stipulates that mounts are exempt Section I of the Appearance Ordinance so long as they are being ridden and are not obstructing others.===

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