The Department of Administration is in charge of the day to day functions of the Magus Senate of Dalaran. The most prominent of which are finances and general bureaucracy. The Department of Administration also occasionally develops and administers tests and approves grants in conjunction with the Ministry of Academics. The Department also issues licenses and helps with the upkeep and revisions of the laws of Dalaran with the Ministry of Justice.


Office of GrantsEdit

Working in conjunction with the Arcanium Ministry, the Department of Grants issues grants and subsides to various persons and organizations that further Dalaran's interest. Often these grants are given for magical research purposes. The Department of Grants has no head, and is Minister of the Administration.

Office of TestingEdit


Office of FinanceEdit

The Office of Finance manages the various receivables, payables, audits, payrolls, and budgets of the Magus Senate. The department also provides and writes up reports for the Senate as a whole.

The department currently has no head, and is administered directly by the Minister of the Administration.

Office of PublishingEdit


Office of LiscensingEdit


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The Clerk of the Senate assists the Minister in dealing with the mountains of paperwork that come with the ministry. The Minister's number two, the clerk is empowered to act on the minister's behalf on all departmental matters when the minister is unavailable. The Clerk records meetings, sends out welcome letters, and helps with the budget.

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