Arcane Vault ActEdit

The Arcane Vault Act sets out the laws one must follow in regards to the Arcane Vault of Dalaran.

Grand TheftEdit

One is guilty of Grand Theft if:

I. One takes an item or artifact and removes it from the vault without:

a. getting permission from the Archmagi

b. acquiring the proper Vault Withdrawal Permit

b. returning the item or artifact when requested by the Archmagi.

Artifact MishandlingEdit

One is guilty of Artifact Mishandling if:

I. One should use an artifact in the Vault that:

a. causes the artifact to discharge magic harmful to living occupants in the vault or

b. causes the artifact to disappear or

c. causes the artifact to discharge magic harmful to other artifacts in the vault.

II. One should handle an artifact in the Vault without taking proper safety precautions.

Negligence of the VaultEdit

One is guilty of Negligence of the Vault if:

I. one does not check the wards and other security measures upon leaving the vault or

II. one does not inform a superior of suspicious or unusual occurances in the vault.

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